Business Transaction


Proper business valuation is more than math and spreadsheets. Historical financial results are only half the story. How a business began, where it is today, and where it can be in the future must be considered to develop a realistic value assessment. Our team can bring clarity to the current value of your medical enterprise, how to increase value, and how to achieve a successful exit.

We also provide expert advice for real estate transactions, MOB strategies, mergers & acquisitions, succession planning, and selling ownership interests in your practice.


If you are a physician practice partner or thinking about starting your own medical group, you've probably already come to realize that there are many critical clinical, operational, and financial decisions that affect your level of clinical, business, and personal fulfillment. Over their careers, our partners have helped healthcare organizations and physician partners achieve financial success. Based on our collective experiences, we are providing you with this summary financial guide.

Our goal for this guide is to help you consider a few of the decisions & processes that are key to financial success and that empower you with the freedom to manage your clinical practice toward a vision of our own choosing.

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